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One  by unknown - 2/11/2019

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God's Coloring Book Of Birds  by unknown - 2/11/2019

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Baby Blue  by George Strait - 2/11/2019

How Can A Angel Break My Heart  by Declain Galbraith - 2/11/2019

Where Do I Put Her Memory  by Charley Pride - 2/11/2019

House Of Memories  by Merle Haggard - 2/11/2019

Tribute To The Grand Ole Opry  by Conway Twitty - 2/11/2019

Time Stood Still  by Vern Gosdin - 2/11/2019

When You Say Nothing At All  by Keith Whitley - 2/11/2019

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Everybody Hurts  by Father Ray Kelly - 2/10/2019

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Just When I Needed You Most  by Randy VanWarmer - 2/9/2019

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Overcoming Our Past - Reflection - 10/3/2018

He's Interested  -  Reflection - 10/2/2018

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by Christi Merck & Jennefer Williamson - 8/30/2016

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 I'll Be Home For Christmas by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/2/2016

The Greatest Gift  by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/2/2016 

Christmas With You  by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/2/2016

Novena To St. Jude

The Jairus Prayer  by Bass Mitchell

A Story Of Healing  

A Servant For All Seasons (Not a sermon)

Looking Back (Not a sermon)

Sunrises and Sunsets  by Deacon Steve

God's Marvelous Grace and Love 

Holy Week Reflections 

Easter Sunday




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Ava Goes To The Beach - by Steve A. Politte - 10/20/2018

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50,000 Names On The Wall by George Jones

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Eva Dimel

April 1 at 9:52am

There is a lot of my life story in here some of it has been Embellished by the Editor and the names have been changed. But most of it is true. It was not easy for me to write but( Arvil Jones) who is a Pastor worked very hard on this with me. Arvil helped me, and encouraged me through it, Thank God. I said I would never write this story but God had other plans, and I Pray it helps someone else. And growing up even as an adult I always felt like I was Trash but on this journey God has shown me other wise. The Books are $18.00 and that includes postage in the USA If You Would Like One Just Let Me Know. God Bless You

 Eva Dimel

cost of book $18.00  Email Eva at edimel9775@sbcglobal.net

I have finished reading this book by Eva Dimel.  I have read a lot of books in my lifetime, some pertaining to similar events as is in this book, but none as horrific, as tragic, as abusive, and as compelling, none portraying the courage, the love and clinging to our Lord as what this Eva has had to deal with since she was three years old.  Unbelievable, surprsing, astonishing, is this book.  You will shed tears of compassion reading this must read, but also rejoice in Eva's victory over all that she was subjected too. 

Steve A. Politte




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